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For your personal, business, or emergency service needs.  Our helicopters are fully licensed with all the FAA operating certificates and fire cards required for air taxi and fire safety.  Our pilots have a combined 60 plus years experience in fire fighting, long line use, and transportation for a variety of purposes and uses.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Founded in 1982.


Mission Capabilities:

  • Powerline/pipeline patrol
  • VIP transportation
  • Fire Fighting
  • Construction
  • Aerial tours
  • Aerial IR Scanning
  • Aerial Photography
  • Oil and Gas support



Contact us


Ph: (805)925-0999
Fax: (805)925-7671

David Baskett:

Ron Black:

Chief Pilot Mike Holtsclaw:


Location: Santa Maria Airport (Capt. G.Allan Hancock Field), KSMX